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  • Sofs designs circas 2008

    Sofs Lifestyle is a branch of Sofs designs who's been actively in the business of bringing innovative fun to everyone since 2008.

    Visit our original site which is well and alive with of our 3D papercraft passion (or is it obsession)

    This is where it all began

  • Sofs Lifestyle circa 2018

    Sofs Lifestyle is where we have housed all of the products we offer.

    we wanted to offer you a curated and collaborative space where you can find many creative and curious treasures!

    In our life, just like in our shop, we aim to be well balanced. We maybe a bit all over the place as we tend to love to dabble in all things creative!! No matter what we offer however, We aim to keep a good balance between great quality, clever workmanship, ingenuity and sustainability.

    With that in mind, our items are all designed and created by us. The majority are handmade right in our studios in Montreal, Canada and some are made by experienced maker that are equipped to make our vision happen.

    Lastly, we also aim to make the world a bit better by our actions. so we feel its so interesting and enriching to offer found vintage products that are absolutely awesome.

    At Sofs, we believe that you can forever be curious and young at heart because great people and products transcend time.

  • Collabs

    Check out our collab products from the Sofs + Zo collection. They are the realization of two friends, who love beautiful unique items and that are forever young at heart. 

    Big hug from Sofs and Zo

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